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10 Jun 2014

Air Rifle Range

The indoor air rifle range is coming along nicely now. We have recently upgraded the range by moving the shooting stall back three yards to give a full distance of 30 yards indoors.

We have also built a shooting room, giving five distinct lanes all with close-able hatches so you only need to open those you require, thus helping to keep the place a little warmer. Each lane has fully adjustable rests which allow shooting from sitting or standing position without having to take the weight of the gun. We've also spent considerable time cleaning the range up, so can all current shooters please bear this in mind and help keep the place tidy, remember, this is for all of us.

Plans are in place to convert the other side of the range as well to mirror what is currently in use. So far, we have cleared half of the building and another room will be built at the other side for pistol users. Over time, we will clear the full length to give us the use of the whole building giving a total of ten lanes that can be used at any one time.

We've also made good progress with the outside area, the grass is in place and almost ready for cutting, we just need to build the shooting positions and covered area for both Archery and Shooting. When ready, this will give shooters the option for part of the week to shoot at upto 90 meters and will hopefully be fully ready by this summer.
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