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01 May 2014

Archery Fun Day

Calling all Archers (and anyone else), Preesall Indoor Archery & Air Rifle Center will be holding a Fun Day on Sunday 18th May 2014, starting around 11am. The Fun Day will be similar to the others that we have held with Games throughout the day and certificates provided to all participants depending on where they finish in the standings.

There will be a barbeque on site with the usual sausage and burgers provided along with some salad for those that are a bit more adventurous.

The Fun Day will be slightly different because it is being attended by Ged & Haley from 96.5 Radio Wave who will be talking to the participants and may even be joining in with the fun. This goes hand in hand with the advertisements that will be running on Radio Wave and the discussions about the club that the Breakfast Show will be having.

The prices are 12 per adult and 8 per child, so come on all members, get yourselves down on the 18th of May and lets make this the biggest Fun Day we've had so far.
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23 Mar 2014

Beginners Course Passes

I would like to congratulate our 1st Beginners course students, , Lauren Culshaw, Alison Warburton, Jen (Bud) Ormerod, Angus Krueger Crookes, Wendy Glover and Mary Woodman for complating and passing there beginners course. They have done exceptionally well in learning the relevant skills in becoming Recurve Archers.

See our gallery for photo's of the momentous occasion, and well done to all involved.
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19 Mar 2014

First beginners course

Our first beginners course is coming to and end this weekend and has been a brilliant success. All participants have come on leaps and bounds from when they first started and have learnt all aspects of archery from putting their bows together from scratch, stringing, aiming, and adjusting their sites.

The next beginners course will begin on the 12th April 2014 but is already fully booked up, however, we have now added a further course in June, beginning on the 21st. This course still has 3 places available but these are going fast so if you would like to book the course please contact the club as soon as possible.
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19 Feb 2014

6 Week Beginners Courses

We are running a number of Beginners Archery Courses over the next few months. We have already filled our first two to be run in February and April, and have now scheduled a new course in for June 2014. Book your places quick as they are going fast.

Each course lasts for six weeks and has a maximum of 6 participants in each session which last for two hours. You will learn all aspects of archery from initial setup, safety, firing, etc, with one on one coaching from one of our qualified Archery GB coaches. Each participant will also receive a certificate of competence at the end of each course.

The cost for each course is 70 pound per person and this covers all coaching and equipment. If you are interested or would like further information, please contact Rick either via the website, email or phone.
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14 Jan 2014

New Certification For Rick

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Rick Dewhirst recently took and passed the Level 1 Archery Coaching Course, this means that as well as being an Archery Leader, Rick is now also an Archery GB licenced Level 1 Coach.

This is a great step forward for the club and hopefully we will soon be able to put more of our members through the various coaching courses to enable the club to move even further forward.
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